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Renniks Stamps of Australia
Australian Colonies Stamp Catalogue
One Country Catalogues
Thematic Catalogues

Renniks Publications - Lighthouse

Australian Commonwealth Specialists’ Catalogue
Brusden-White Publishing

Australian PictorMarks Catalogue
Passion & Pitfalls of Pictorial Postmarks
Postmarks of Australian Antarctic Territory
Postmarks of Tasmania
Postmarks of Western Australia
Cricket Postmarks
Trains & Trams Postmarks
Lest We Forget - Military Postmarks
Australian PictorMarks

Australian Official Perfins
Handbook of Australian Private Perfins

Perfin Club of NZ & Australia

Australian Scout & Guide Philately
Catalogue of Stamps, Cachets & Pictormarks on Covers
E Stermole,
12 Radford Court, Hoppers Crossing Vic 3029
Telephone: 03 97496564

Australian Stamp Bulletin
Australia Post Bi-monthly Bulletin

Australian Stamp Explorer
Australia Post - Kids Quarterly Magazine

Australian Stamps Professional
Monthly stamp magazine

Australia & Territories Booklet Catalogue
Boonah Stamp Supplies,
PO Box 155, Boonah Qld 4310

Australasian Stamp Catalogue
The Australian Colonies Stamp Catalogue

Seven Seas Stamps

Captain Cook Bicentenary Catalogue
Illustrated AAT Cover Catalogue
Bilby Stamps & Covers

Cinderella & Revenue Books
Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia

PO Box 889, Chatswood NSW 2057

Comprehensive Colour Catalogue Australia
Victoria Stamp Traders,
38 Stafford Street, Huntingdale Vic 3166
Telephone: 03 9501 0031

Penguin Views Journal
Society for Polar Philately,
PO Box 408, Wahroonga NSW 2076
Telephone: 02 9807 3344

Philas News
Quarterly Stamp Club Newsletter

Queensland Revenues, Adhesives & Impressed Duties
Australian Philatelic Federation

Stamp News
Monthly stamp magazine

Useful Links

Australian Antarctic Division
The A.A.D. leads Australia's Antarctic Program which has four goals:
1. Maintain the Antarctic Treaty System.
2. Protect the Antarctic environment.
3. The role of Antarctica in global climate.
4. Scientific work of practical, economic and national significance.

Australia Post
Recent stamp issues, postage calculator, postcode search, shop.

Australian Cover Society
The site for cover lovers.

Australian Philatelic Federation
Supplies lists of Stamp Clubs around Australia, Exhibitions Timetable and when Stamp Fairs are on. Sells archival products.

Australian PictorMarks
Everything to do with Australia’s pictorial and commemorative postmarks.

Bilby Stamps & Covers
Mail order website of the Hawkesbury.

Captain Cook Society
For anyone interested in Captain James Cook.

Edlins of Canberra
Medal Mounting Service, Supplier of Replica Medals, Auction House, Coins, Stamps.

New Zealand Post
Recent stamp issues


Stamp Club Services, Philatelic Library
Open Tuesdays & Saturdays 9.00am - 3.00pm

Philatelic Development Council

Promotes, Develops & Assists with Stamp Collecting & Exhibiting.

Preservation and care of philatelic materials
from the American Philatelic Society
This site is dedicated to the heroic explorers of our polar regions and the surrounding islands.

Stamp Arena
Promotes stamp collecting in Australia.

Stamp Discussion Board
On-Line Stamp Community

Stamp Collecting Links

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